The terms and conditions at the beginning of the download versions of the game are outdated: There are 7 levels and a boss in the demo, some sound effects though no music. There is a camera bug when playing in the game window above. If you want the intended camera size, play in full screen.

The game is about a pixel, in a computer, who must escape for a chance at freedom. The journey won't be easy, and many want to stop him. Will he reach the end or give up on the way?

Use your RGB colours to avoid and navigate through this world. Dash and swing to the end of each level, and maybe you may even face the Monitor Magician.


The game is very much buggy and unfinished. It may be laggy for browser players and this is just the first world of the game. If you want to see a finished version or for any other inquiries, feel free to email me at, I will gladly not answer (hahah comedy amirite).

ps dont look too closely at the corners of the screenshots.

About the developer: I was 13 when I published this. I started working on this but I was way too ambitious. I may come back but I'm just gonna upload it. I started working on it in 2019, April, and it kept going and I wasn't even close to being finished. I am going to try other projects, simpler and different genres. I hope someone plays and maybe enjoys it.


Pixel Windows (20 - OCT - 2019).zip 27 MB
Pixel Mac Build (20 - OCT - 2019) 31 MB

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